Where do NDL divers and their certifications come from?

Where do NDL divers and their certifications come from?

Tour operators know that for many the love of diving begins with the first lesson of a dive when the instructor literally by the hand takes the brave gentleman who finally decided to see what is underwater, for example, off the Red Sea coast, and leads him from coral to reef, from one flock of picturesque fish to another, etc. Let’s break down the certification of NDL diving.


The underwater colors off the Egyptian coast are wonderful, and on the shore one usually comes out expressing his feelings only in the superlative. This is how about half of the diving tribe is born.

More often than not, this half remains deep-seated teapots, but so what? Since then, at every seaside resort they look for a diving center or go on a diving tour, even though they risk finding themselves in a campaign with very serious people.

Real divers explore both warm and cold seas, have dozens of day and night dives, know what underwater rocks and caves are, know the necessary equipment perfectly well and do not take kindly to beginners. But they share a love of the sea and underwater adventures.

The popularity of diving tourism is confirmed by all major tour operators: over the past 3-4 years the flow of “deep-sea” tourists increased by at least twice, and this is by most conservative estimates. But only recently diving trips were considered unclaimed. Now it is clear that people are interested in them, and for many they are simply necessary.


NDL diving? Yes!

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What does someone who hasn’t yet tried diving want? Of course, to experience the beauties of the underwater world. It will be easier for those who at least know how to handle the equipment. Start learn At home to get a basic level in one of the international systems, such as PADI and NDL diving. By the way, you can learn and receive a certificate NDL in St. Petersburg in club Baltika by certified instructors.

For the first practical dives it is best to go to Egypt, something from the most popular resorts, such as the reefs of Sharm el Sheikh, Dahab and Hurghada, where you can be sure that the instructor is reliable and the equipment is well checked.

And one day you can go to the dream of many divers – the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast, with the largest coral reef system in the world! You may be drawn to very different landscapes.

The White and Barents Seas are also a kind of paradise for divers, but with different tastes. Water here is cold, only 4-5 degrees Celsius. It is not easy to get to the Kola Peninsula, but the experience of nature will be unforgettable, including underwater diving. There are no colorful brightly colored motley fish and large sharks, but there are seals, whales, northern dolphins, salmon and crabs. The sheer walls of coastal cliffs are very picturesque.

Underwater iron is always attractive for those who understand something: in our northern seas one can find shipwrecks from the Second World War, shells, mines and shell casings.

Finally, the water bodies near Moscow also have something for the amateur to look at, so you can start traveling into the depths somewhere on the Senege. True, the depth there is only 7 meters, but lovers of underwater hunting like reservoir. Better choose the lake Beloye near Shatura: the lake is very deep – up to 38 meters, and at the bottom there are many bizarre caves, as the reservoir has karstic origin.

Getting an NDL certificate


What are the deepest places in the world

By the way, divers-tourists traditionally come alive from October to May: these dates coincide with many of the best seasons on the oceanic islands, besides, they do not want to get into the mass tourist traffic at all.

A bit of information for your next trips: Forbes magazine named the best places for diving.

Best – means that there is a wonderful underwater world, and there is the right level of service for divers. In first place, of course, was one of the beaches of Palau. Rich coral reefs, barracuda fish, nurse sharks and turtles.

In general, Palau – two hundred tiny Pacific islands – called a paradise for lovers of underwater diving. The civilized world remains somewhere else.

The underwater world of Palau is certified as “one of the seven underwater wonders of the world” by the diving association CEDAM International. In second place is Lighthouse Reef in Belize with its unusual underwater caves, in third place is the Philippine island of Coron with its coral gardens.

Next is one of the Caribbean islands with 24-hour diving, the southern Red Sea, Cocos Island in Costa Rica. The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the Caicos and Turks Islands near Cuba, the island of Bali and Papua New Guinea are also on the list. We can also think of Turkey. Not a bad choice for the coming season, are they?

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