Types of diving

Types of diving

Today we decided to tell you what kinds of diving there are. Read about the different types of diving below.


Sports diving

Carried out for fun and enjoyment. Their main purpose is to get to know and enjoy the underwater world and to study the flora and fauna of the seas and oceans.


Technical diving

This is a highly technical level of diving. The main goal is to explore great depths, caves, and sunken objects. Gives the opportunity to discover the underwater world of the great depths, to expand the limits of knowledge, test your stamina and courage, to look into the eyes of the abyss.

Military diving

Carried out in the subversion and reconnaissance purposes. Main tasks: mining and blowing up enemy ships, breaking communications, reconnaissance, capturing objects and territories. This is a highly secretive type of diving and diving.


Commercial dives

These are made to perform underwater work such as welding, fixing and installing structures, lifting underwater objects, etc. Diving depths can be up to 600 meters. A lot of special equipment is used: hot-water suits, radios, intercoms, TV-cameras, devices for moving around underwater objects.


Underwater diving

Made for fun, pleasure and scientific purposes. Such dives give the opportunity to explore and observe bizarre forms of ice, as well as animals of the cold environment. Equipment – ice-free regulators, drysuit, ropes, safety ropes, and intercoms.


Night dives

Unique in their uniqueness. The very possibility to see in the dark brings great pleasure. At night we can see what we can’t see during the day – nocturnal animals and fish.


Dives to shipwrecks

Dives are carried out for research purposes, to uncover the mysteries of shipwrecks and recover wrecks, as well as for fun. There are three types of dives: no penetration, limited penetration, and full penetration.



Freediving is a type of diving underwater where the swimmer does not use additional means to breathe underwater. You can read more about freediving in this article.

That’s all the information about the basic types of diving. We wish you interesting and safe dives!

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