What do divers wear in everyday life?

What do divers wear in everyday life?

Of course, for divers the first place will always remain reliable equipment and comfortable wetsuit. But it’s all suitable for water element, but what should a diver wear in normal life?

The same things that other people wear – for example, natural men’s socks, which should be in the arsenal of every self-respecting man. They are worn both in winter and summer, under any footwear, except open sandals and flip-flops. Ideally, a man should have socks of different colors, low and high, different density – for all occasions.Dive clothes


Silk socks

Many people are used to the fact that cotton models – for the summer, wool dense – for winter. And what they would say about the socks made of silk? This exclusive original model, which:

give a great feeling in wear;
provide antibacterial effect;
protect the skin of your feet from overheating and cold;
absorb excess moisture;
the smoothness of the material helps the foot feel comfortable in any shoe.

In addition, silk socks have a great look that lasts for a long time. Numerous washings will not be afraid of them.


Bamboo socks

Another useful novelty – models of socks made of bamboo. They also have many useful properties:

excellent bactericidal properties;
high degree of absorption of excess moisture;
Comfortable wearing, which is provided through softness and elasticity.

It is bamboo socks are recommended to wear for people with excessive sweating.

Produce socks made of bamboo today are engaged in both well-known foreign manufacturers (Lorenz), and domestic hosiery factories (Smolensk factory).

To increase the strength of bamboo socks add a small amount of nylon or polyamide.


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