Underwater Photography Box

How beautiful the underwater world can be! When you dive, you always want to capture the beauty of the world around you, but how do you do it? Nowadays underwater boxes are widespread. They are a sealed shell in which the camera is placed.

Choosing a box for underwater photography, you should consider the fact that they are made for specific models of cameras. Even similar models of cameras may require different underwater camera guards. When choosing a box, remember an old truth: the fewer the parts, the more reliable the waterproofing will be.

One of the main parts of the photo box is the rubber o-ring, which is called “o-ring” in English. It is designed to keep the cover better against the housing, which prevents water from getting inside. Remember that the ring must always be lubricated.

Also, it is important that it has no mechanical damage. If you bought an underwater box, do not rush to use it right away. Experts recommend that the first dive with an empty box that is inspected for the absence of water inside immediately after surfacing.

As a rule, the cost of modern semi-professional and professional cameras is considerable, and therefore to spoil valuable equipment because of insufficient quality protective box will be very unpleasant.

It is important to monitor the condition of the case, because even minor scratches on the transparent surface will greatly affect the quality of photos.

As practice shows, most damage to the box occurs at the moment of entry diver for this reason it is best to dive without the box, which will then be handed to you from the boat.

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