Underwater diving, types and differences

Underwater diving, types and differences

The depths of the sea are full of mysteries. And they are not easy to uncover. But to touch the mysterious underwater world is possible thanks to diving. Scuba diving can be done at any time of year and in any weather, with special equipment or without it.


Underwater diving

There are several types of diving:

For fun and entertainment;
Sport diving – its purpose is to achieve certain sports results; Technical diving – technical diving requires special training and a huge amount of knowledge as it is very dangerous to human life. Commercial diving is used in the oil industry, shipping, and maritime construction. Underwater diving is carried out to make a profit from their work.


There is another classification of diving:

Photography and videography – divers descend into the abyss of the sea for the sake of a few pictures. But then these pictures tell us about the beauty of the underwater world.
Educational diving – divers dive into the depths of the sea for their own pleasure and admire the beauty of the underwater flora and fauna.
Underwater hunting (amateur and professional).
Treasure hunting. This kind of diving is forbidden by the UN.
Drift diving – based on the use of underwater currents, connecting with which the diver feels the effect of flying.
Drop off – the diver dives only along a huge coral wall. You can look only in front of themselves. It creates the effect of bottomlessness.
Night diving – at night the depths of the sea are amazingly beautiful, but at the same time dangerous. That is why this kind of diving is suitable for professionals.


Underwater diving

Diving in underwater caves

Separately want to mention underwater speleology. This is another type of diving. Thanks to modern equipment, it has become possible to study the sea caves.

But it is there that the greatest danger awaits a man. Therefore, before becoming engaged in speleology, it is necessary to undergo serious training.

Equipment must be duplicated, it is necessary to have a spare Cylinder with oxygen..

In no case on such an expedition can not go alone. Dive into the caves must be held only by a rope. If the lantern goes out and there is no rope, it is almost impossible to get out. That’s how the famous speleodiver Shack Exley died in 1994. Therefore, while diving underwater caves can not make any mistakes.


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