The use of the EANxxx mixtures

As you see, the allowable diving depth of EANxZb (34m salt water) is less than that of EA#32 (40m salt water) because EA#36 contains more oxygen. The safe diving depth on pure oxygen, however, is 6 m (20 feet).
Interestingly, the limiting factors for oxygen and nitrogen are different. For nitrogen, it is the time spent at depth, and for oxygen, it is the depth itself.

After careful study and repeated use, most scuba divers conclude that the benefits of the blends NITROX outweigh the inconvenience of complying with the additional restrictions associated with the higher oxygen content of these mixtures.

NITROX mixtures are especially recommended for elderly people, those suffering from low or high blood pressure, obesity or dehydration.

Also in case of poor health, wounds, after “yesterday” consumption of alcohol or drugs, during and after taking medicines, after a recent decompression illness.

For divers, who are not affected by the above mentioned, it is recommended to use NIGHTROX mixtures for better safety during and after diving, to prolong the time underwater and to increase the number of daily dives by reducing the intervals between them.

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