The underwater world and its attraction

The underwater world and its attraction

Even though you’ve probably had to watch movies about the underwater world and its pictures, you’ll find that the average non-diver can’t fully understand what scuba diving is all about.

In addition to being able to observe beautiful and amazing aquatic creatures, you will experience unique sensations – such as the thrill of breathing underwater on your first dive and the feeling of weightlessness, like an astronaut in space. With the experience of diving, today’s sense of mystery in scuba diving will give way to curiosity and a spirit of adventure.

With good equipment, knowledge and skills, it is safe and easy to swim underwater. You can explore the underwater world by snorkeling and flippers, but you can go deeper and longer dives with scuba.

Soon you will enter a special underwater world for the first time. You’ll immediately have wonderful new experiences – you’ll see, hear and think about things completely differently than when you’re underwater. Ours is an integral part of the special charm of diving и freedivingand once you get used to them, you’ll find that they enhance the joy of the dive.

Understanding why the underwater world is so different from the surface will help you adjust and get used to the changes. We’ll teach you about two factors that exert forces on you underwater: buoyancy and pressure.

Have you ever wondered why a huge steel ocean liner floats and a tiny steel nail sinks? The answer is simple: the steel hull of a ship is shaped to displace a large mass of water. If the steel of which a liner is built were to be placed in water without giving it the shape of a ship’s hull, it would sink as well as a nail. The liner example shows that an object’s ability to float depends not only on its mass, but also on how much water it displaces.

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