The main vector for diving

The main vector for diving

The underwater world has always attracted people with its unique treasure. Many scientists are still discovering mysterious unseen marine life forms. But to dive to great depths, one must have not only courage and desire, but also extraordinary skill.

Therefore, there was a whole system of rules in order to implement the correct diving, which called diving. Many people are well aware of this word, but not all of them know what it is, and its varieties are many: sports, technical, recreational, freediving .. To delve into the technique of its implementation can be that person who simply knows how to swim well.

It is no coincidence that the project for all parents and their children is very popular in Minsk, whose main mission is to:

to teach the correct technique of swimming to all age groups of people;
to form sport skills and character;
ensure the safety of adults and children in the water.


Main advantages of the institution

Like any secondary school, swimming courses of this type have their own excellent base, program and staff of highly professional specialists, who are not only able to show everyone how to hold on the water, but also to teach various swimming techniques. The program is based on the principle of the valeological approach to learning. The process of acquiring new knowledge is aimed at the formation of health-saving principles. Rehabilitation programs are created for children and adults who have undergone different traumas and diseases.

Classes are held in groups, so that people of different ages can swim separately. Children begin to learn this science from the age of six. Such a form of training as individual swimming lessons is practiced. The hours of classes are determined in advance, taking into account the wishes of clients.

The swimming school in Minsk has two pools at its disposal: the “Tractor” and the Central House of Officers, which is very convenient for many visitors to classes regarding their location. Another specific feature is that the water is disinfected with silver ions. It is not difficult to sign up for classes, especially since there is a website “my swimming pool” and online consultants will always provide the necessary information.

The school is waiting for guests of any age as its doors are open for everyone who wants to learn to swim beautifully and fulfill their dream – to go scuba diving!

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