The choice of knife for underwater hunting

The choice of knife for underwater hunting

Still, how to make the right choice of a knife for spearfisher? It is known that the knife for spearfishing is the most important element of of underwater equipmentWith the function of safety.


This equipment is necessary in order to be free:
1. In the case of entanglement in poacher’s fishing nets;
2. In the case of entanglement in underwater plants;
3. if you wounded a fish but did not totally paralyze its movement, the wounded fish may wind the arrowhead cane around your legs, thus creating a danger to you.

Underwater hunting knife
The knife consists of these elements:

The blade;
The handle;
A pair of rubber straps to hold it in place.

The knife straps are attached to the leg, to the calf muscle, or to the arm, and if the spearfisher uses a sargan suit for scuba diving, then in this suit the attachment point for the knife is located on the chest.

The blade should be made of high quality metal, i.e. stainless steel or titanium steel. The quality of steel is responsible for the reliability of its sharpening, because the blade is made of low-quality steel quickly blunts, which cannot be said if a high-quality material is used.

Also, it should be noted that the blade of the knife must be honed on both sides equally. This is necessary so that in a critical situation you do not have to think about which side of the knife to cut. For example, a net in which you got tangled. In this case, every minute is precious and can cost a life. Besides, the knife should have a perfect double-sided serrated sharpening.


Keep in mind that the handle must be matched to the glove used by the hunter. If the spearfisher wearing 2mm or 3mm gloves. glovesgloves, you can opt for a knife with a small handle. And if they are thick gloves of 5-7 millimeters, the feeling of a tight grip in the hand falls, and the hand can slip on the blade, as a result there will be a wound or a cut. Therefore, it is necessary to use a diving knife with a larger increased thickness of the handle.

A great option may be equipment that has a metal knob on the end of the handle. This is necessary so that if you were not able to paralyze the fish immediately during the hunt, it can be finished off with the back side of the knife.


It is not a good idea to open cans, cut bread or sausages with a spearfishing knife, as the knife functions are not designed for this purpose, and using the equipment not for its intended purpose only leads to its blunting.Spearfishing knife1
In addition, a hunting underwater knife requires care. After each hunt it must be washed in fresh water or lubricated with a special silicone grease.

Note that for sea hunting it is better to use knives made of titanium metal, as under the influence of saline water, stainless steel is covered with white spots and, despite the fact that their metal is stainless steel, over time begin to deteriorate.

After washing, it must be dried.
The basic models are:

sargant stalp zet 1,
marlin titanium,
maras nek,
Bushat, etc.

But if you have problems and you yourself are not able to determine which diving knife is necessary, then visit a specialized store, ask for help and advice from a specialist who will tell you everything and show you. In addition, in the store you have the opportunity to take each model in your hands, to feel how comfortable it is for you.
Thus, you will be able to choose the best variant of the knife for spearfishing and to pick up the appropriate attachment.


Choosing a scuba knife video

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