Temperature tolerance

Temperature tolerance of cold-blooded animals often proves to be a key issue in their ability to survive in a particular location. Many aquatic organisms take advantage of seasonal rises in temperature to reproduce: warming water stimulates the maturation and hatching of eggs and sperm.

Some animals that are common on the Pacific Northwest coast (e.g. mussels), achieve synchronized spawning thanks to this natural “signal”.

On divers. the temperature of the water We have to reckon with it by choosing the right thermal protection. Which warming suit to choose depends on the water temperature, and it, in turn, depends on the dive site, the time of year and, to some extent, on the weather. The water temperature varies from -2°C in the polar regions of the Earth to more than h-30°C in the tropics, or even higher in geothermal waters.

In each particular geographic area, water temperatures vary seasonally, but usually by no more than 8 to 11 degrees Celsius throughout the year. Perhaps when you are in temperate areas you will use a dry suit during the colder seasons and prefer a wet suit during the warmer seasons. suit ..

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