“Stress and Rescue” course for divers

Our partner, SSI Regional Center in Moscow, is happy to announce the release of the textbook in Russian for the most required of SSI courses “Stress and Rescue”.

The Stress and Rescue lecture course is always accepted by divers as more than just an open water class – it’s a new step in diving: a new level of knowledge about diving, such as the importance of phosphorus и micronutrientsA new level of safety, a new level of comfort under the water.

The course “Diving: Stress and Rescue” is indispensable for people who want to improve themselves further in diving.

Like many SSI training materials, the new textbook is arranged according to the self-study principle: You study whenever and wherever you like! But later you practice everything with our qualified instructors.

It is worth noting that the set of training materials for this course also includes a plastic card “Diving accidents and procedures”. It will be useful for any diver, from professionals to beginners.

To learn more about this course and our services and programs based on it, please contact our Live Diving specialists in Moscow.

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