Speargun for underwater hunting

Speargun for underwater hunting

A person who has found himself in such a fascinating form of tourism, as underwater hunting, is provided with great sensations and an interesting pastime. Everyone knows that in any hunt the main thing – it’s prey. Here we can use the gun for underwater hunting.


It’s just as important as diving suits.. Let’s try to figure out what to prepare for the maximum catch.

As a rule, a good catch where there are a lot of fish, but without a reliable equipment and specialized devices spearfisherman can not do. Underwater fishing equipment includes a lot of elements, but we will touch on the most important – a harpoon for spearfishing. Only if a person has a speargun and harpoon, he can consider himself a full-fledged underwater hunter.


Harpoon for underwater hunting


Any speargun is useless without a harpoon. It is the basic element that provides direct contact with the fish. Once in contact with the fish, it performs its retention.

Usually, a harpoon for underwater use is made of stainless steel, which must have a particular strength.

Such steel is often hardened. Harpoon should be rigid, only so ensure quality hunting. If this element will bend when shooting, it will be quite difficult to hit the target. In addition, such equipment is dangerous for the hunter himself.

Harpoon can be made in different designs depending on the type of crossbow or gun.

Here are the main of them:

Harpoon that does not have a locking mechanism in the trigger. This is the most common version. It has no solid grooves and grooves. The gun that uses this type of harpoon must be pneumatic and have the trigger at the back;
A harpoon for a shotgun with the front location of the trigger. This type of harpoon is characterized by a groove;
Harpoons with a groove for the trigger to be set back.


Speargun for underwater hunting

A variety of spearheads are available for spearfishermen:

1. A harpoon with a tip on its own base. The main advantage of such a device is that the prey is reliably fixed and held. In this case, excessive deformation of the fish is excluded. There is also no loosening of the attachment unit of the tip to the harpoon, which eliminates its loss. The disadvantage is the difficulty of removing the caught fish.
2. A harpoon with a screw tip. A versatile type of harpoon. You can stock a huge variety of tips and replace them if necessary. Typically, replacements are made given the circumstances and hunting conditions. Such a harpoon is good because you can remove the prey from it without much effort. The disadvantage is the low strength at the threaded joint. This can lead to breakage, or unpleasant bending of the base, which, of course, will affect the accuracy of shots.

The type of shotgun tip and its sharpness directly affects the quality of the gun’s overall operation and the volume of the catch. The type of sharpening depends on the area being hunted and the fish that live there.


The right choice and comparison of equipment

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