Should we learn to dive?

Absolutely. Nothing in life is simply given. First we learn to walk and talk for a long time, then the tasks get harder. We learn to write and read. We acquire new knowledge throughout our lives. Some of it we learn on our own, and some we learn from teachers, professors, coaches and instructors.

It is the same with diving. Undoubtedly, you can learn to dive on your own, or you can learn to dive with an instructor. So how is it better?

It is probably better to do it with the help of professionals who have the necessary education, they were taught to teach people to swim underwater.

Why is it worth asking for the help of professionals?

The answer is simple. With the help of an instructor you will learn much faster than on your own because to master the underwater world with them is much safer because they have a lot of knowledge and experience, and also because after completing the course you will be given a document confirming your skills. This is a plastic card with your name, photo and other data.

You show it to any dive center in the world, for example in Hungary or Vietnam. This document confirms your qualification, and you do not have to tell what you were taught and what you know.
“I’ll do that at sea,” you think. Of course, you can do it that way. But is it worth wasting precious vacation time at the resort for learning? It may be better to prepare for a holiday in your home town, and going to the resort to devote time to dive in the places that interest you.

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