Secrets of how to save air underwater

Secrets of how to save air underwater

If you know how to conserve air underwater, you will be successful in diving. But this skill is not innate, it must be developed and you have to work on it. But you have to work on it every day, taking enough time to improve it.

How long can a person not breathe underwater

How long can a person stay underwater?

To learn how to save air underwater, you need to adhere to certain rules:

Constantly monitor the physical shape of your body – exercise, give up smoking, eat a balanced diet.
Change your breathing cycle. If on land we breathe “inhale-exhale-pause”, then underwater underwater it should look like this – inhale-pause-exhale. The longer the pause, the lower the air flow.
Breathing should be slow, relaxed, and deep. Here the knowledge of yoga can help. By the way, diving and yoga are inseparable concepts.
Do not swing your arms while swimming. This wastes a lot of energy, and it affects the amount of air you take in.
Learn neutral buoyancy, feel weightless.
Stay horizontal.
Make your equipment Streamlined (keep all paraphernalia closer to your body, do not take unnecessary things with you).
Keep your regulator clean and maintain it properly.
Take care of the air in the cylinder and control all of its leaks (purging the mask, pressure equalization).
Swim as little as possible.
Do not let your body get too cold. Remember, heat release occurs 25 times faster in water than in air.
And always remember, it’s not a competition, it’s a goal to save air underwater.

Remember all of the above and you’re sure to succeed!

Record without air underwater

New world record for staying underwater without air was set in 2013 in Croatia. It was set by freediver Goran Kolak.

He managed to stay without oxygen for 22 minutes and 30 seconds. And thus surpassed the previous record by 8 seconds.

Prior to that, the German diver Tom Sitas was the record holder for a year. By the way, his lung volume is 20% more than that of an average person.

But there are no limits to perfection. So it is possible that this year you will be the new record holder. The main thing is to practice, work on yourself and set certain goals.

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