Scuba diving technique

Scuba diving technique

Scuba diving technique is all the knowledge, skills and experience that a diver uses when diving, choosing a body of water и equipment.


Scuba technique If a swimmer has a perfect scuba diving technique, and it in turn meets the standards, then he can independently decide where and how to dive. If not, you have to consult with instructors.

A person becomes a good diver when he can quickly adapt to the water. Especially when it comes to breath hold.

The diver must be able to become an integral part of the water. Although, he is an integral part of water. After all, the human body consists of 70% water and the salt composition of the blood is very similar to that of sea water.


To dive well, the diver must work on himself:

Constantly train (it is recommended to learn freestyle and breaststroke underwater and on the surface);
Develop physically;
Control your psycho-emotional state (it is important to be able to relax underwater, but at the same time keep control of yourself underwater);
Know how to breathe correctly;
Know, know what kind of equipment Know which equipment is right for him;
Frequently communicate with like-minded people.


Learning scuba diving techniques (by yourself)

To dive on your own, you need to be trained in a reliable club with a professional instructor. The most popular is the PADI training system.Scuba diving technique

By yourself to learn how to dive on their own is not desirable. No book or video will tell you all the nuances of diving, will not control your breathing, will not advise which outfit suits you the best. And no one, except knowledgeable people, can tell you about safety.

And safety in diving is the most important thing! If you have nevertheless decided to learn on your own, it is better to take up free diving.


But remember the main rules of safety:

Do not dive into the water without air reserve in the lungs. After all, in this case there is a danger of making a breath involuntarily under water.
Stay in the water better the minimum time than the maximum.
Dive “step by step” and surface “run”.
Exhale only when you are on the surface.
Breathe out with a sharp thrust.
If you want to swim with scuba diving, then here without the help of professionals is almost indispensable.
Good luck learning scuba diving techniques and have a great dive.


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