Scuba diving

Scuba diving

Scuba diving is a type of scuba diving. The prefix scuba emphasizes the specifics of the diver’s equipment. In general, the term scuba diving can be translated as swimming underwater with self-contained breathing apparatus. In simple terms it is scuba diving ..

Many divers around the world prefer this kind of diving. This is because scuba diving provides the opportunity to dive in the most interesting places of the mysterious world of the underwater depths. Of course, this time will leave an unforgettable feeling.

scuba diving


The traditional set of equipment and gear of any scuba diver should include the following items:

a container of compressed air (cylinder);
BCD or buoyancy compensator.

These items will allow the diver to breathe unobstructedThe feeling of being underwater and of being part of the underwater universe is not enough to describe it. A simple description of these feelings is not enough, it is necessary to experience and understand the whole process in practice. You can become a part of the immense element, discovering a new facet of life and touching the mysteries of the watery realm.


Scuba divers can explore the aquatic realm in a variety of ways. It all depends on the diver’s imagination and practical skills. For example, technical diving (speleology), assumes that the diver has excellent physical data and some experience that is acquired during the long months of practice and training. But the emotional side, obtained from such heavy diving, will be comparable only with a feeling of real happiness.

Scuba diving


Scuba diving has a certain classification:

The recreational type of diving is defined by acquaintance with new territories and its exploration;
speleology involves exploring underwater grottos and caves;
technical diving means diving to very great depths;
Drift scuba diving skill, which is the ability to “catch a wave” (underwater) and with it carry past beautiful underwater panoramas;
Drop off involves a slow descent near a coral wall that will allow you to experience the infinity of the water world;
Wreck diving involves exploring sunken vessels that have kept their secrets for years;
Night diving will deliver a truly extraordinary experience.


Any direction of scuba diving involves a serious approach to each individual dive. First you should take a full course of mandatory training, make sure the quality and serviceability of equipment, as well as take out a reliable insurance policy, which will have an extension “Extreme Sports».

With joining the ranks of scuba diving your life will become bright and colorful. Not only will you be able to appreciate all the beauty of the underwater expanses, but you will also get the skills, which obviously does not hurt to have. It only remains to wish you a pleasant dive and a comfortable swimming!


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