Scuba diver training in a confined water environment

Scuba diver training in a confined water environment

If you have never scuba dived, you are about to experience the greatest pleasure and most exhilarating water-related sensation of your life. You will be breathing underwater for the first time.

Those first breaths underwater bring an incomparable feeling of joy. You will probably remember your first underwater session for the rest of your life.
During the class, the instructor will always be there, ready to help you if necessary. If you have a question or need help, do not hesitate to ask him.


Read the overview carefully. The information it contains will give you the knowledge you need to successfully complete your training in the confined waters. Knowing this information will make your session more enjoyable, allow you to meet the skill demonstration requirements, and ensure that you make the most effective use of your class time.

The skill demonstration requirements below must be successfully completed during the confined water training session of Module 1. Read them carefully so you know what is expected of you in this class.


Skill Demonstration Requirements

Restricted Water Training – Module 1

By the end of the Restricted Water Training class, in Module 1, you will be able to:

Properly connect and disconnect the regulator from the scuba cylinder.
Properly prepare, put on, and fit the mask, flippers, snorkel, buoyancy compensatorand the scuba tank and weights.
Inflate the BCD by mouth until it is half full and completely deflate it while on the surface, both in shallow water and in deep water where it is no longer possible to stand.
Demonstrate proper compressed air breathing, particularly the skill of breathing naturally and not holding your breath.
Finding the regulator hose underwater from behind the shoulder.
Clean the regulator underwater by exhaling with forced air.
Clean a partially filled mask underwater.
Scuba dive, controlling direction and depth.
Demonstrate order of descent and ascent on appropriate five points.
Demonstrate proper procedures for disassembling, maintaining equipment On the edge of the pool.

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