Safety first. What a diver needs to keep in mind

Safety first. What a diver needs to keep in mind

Every day people are getting tired of the monotonous work in stuffy offices, they want motion, fresh air and a sense of the beauty of the surrounding world. That is why many people strive to spend their weekends actively, with benefits for body and soul: they go hiking, ride bicycles, go fishing, go scuba diving, rock climbing, skydiving.

They conquer the world and enjoy life. But in all areas there are certain safety rules, and in close contact with nature there are nuances that should not be forgotten. Going on a hike, you need to carefully pack everything you need, and on certain trips be sure to take even a radiation dosimeter.Diving safety

You love to travel, you love visiting new and interesting places, and you lead an active lifestyle, which means that you have a slightly better chance of encountering dangerous areas on your way than other people. It is not often possible to get into places with high radiation levels, but all the same – you need to protect yourself and not to stay for a long time in a place with a high radiation background.

What do I need to have with me going into nature?

The main in the organization of active recreation called the following factors: providing a good sleeping conditions, protection from all weather conditions and concern for health. Based on these three elements of an excellent holiday, you need to take a compact lightweight tent and sleeping bag, insulation mat (karemat), a comfortable and roomy backpack, supplies for making a fire, a set of dishes, powerful flashlightThe following items are included: a first aid kit, necessary equipment (depending on the specifics of the intended activity), as well as comfortable clothing and waterproof shoes. This is a standard set of things, which can be expanded based on the type of journey.

Features of water recreation

Going to rest near water, it is important to choose the right equipment, taking into account what exactly you will do: diving, underwater hunting, diving, underwater hunting, fishingFishing, water-skiing or just swimming and sunbathing. But the basic rule in preparing for such a holiday – to ensure water resistance to all your things. So it is necessary to stock up on special sealed bags or sacks, as well as waterproof clothing.

Enjoy the interaction with the world, experience incomparable emotions, love life. But always remember that no one can ever take better care of your safety than you, so do not be lazy to choose the right equipment for a particular vacation.

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