Residual Nitrogen Categories – Residual Group

Table 1 makes it possible to calculate the dive time depending on its depth. The table also shows the amount of residual nitrogen in the body after the first dive.

The top row of the table shows the different values depths. If your dive depth does not correspond to any of the listed depths, take the next highest value for the calculation.

The columns below the depth values indicate the different dive times. If your dive time is not available, also take the next highest value.

In the right column the letters of the Latin alphabet correspond to the lines with the time values and indicate the categories of residual nitrogen (Residual Group). The Residual Nitrogen categories show the degree of nitrogen concentration in the body tissues immediately after the dives and are used in Table 2.

At the bottom of each column, next to the dive time limits, the duration of the de-compression stop is indicated. This means that timeallowing you to limit the safety stop, is exceeded. In this case, it is necessary to make a decompression stop at a depth of 3 meters during ascent.

The value separated by a slash is the decompression stop time (maximum 10 minutes). For example, the value given in the table, 35/10, indicates that a dive of 35 minutes during ascent would require a 10-minute decompression stop at 3 meters.

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