Rental of diving equipment

If you are a beginner diver do not rush to buy all the equipment at once in a hurry. T.k. in the process of the first training you will be able to determine that you are more suitable and like it.

Or sometimes it happens that for health reasons after the first dives people decide to leave the team, in such cases become very sorry for the money spent, and the amount is not small, bought the equipment that is doomed to stand for lack of use in the corner and gather dust. This is why experts “Diving Live” advise you to rent equipment for the first few times.

We offer you the highest quality ammunition for rent! To order equipment you can call the phone numbers listed in the contacts or use the mode of booking rental equipment!

Preferential situations for club members and course PADI Live Diving Center:
– When renting equipment paid only for the dive time, i.e. you do not spend your money for the days of the road to the dive site and back

Rent your equipment without the deposit.

Preferential conditions for all participants of the trips organized by the Live Diving Center:
The same as the previous case!

We will do our best to make you feel good and interesting with us! This type of course we have developed specially for busy people, with great ambitions and a desire to live their lives interesting, colorful and creative!

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