Procedure for checking mixtures

In addition to the special marking, the cylinder with the mixture shall have a plastic tag with indelible marker, which indicates the percentage of oxygen in the mixture, MOD, pressure in the cylinder, date of testing, name or surname of the diver who tested the data.

It is a good idea if each tag also has the serial number of the cylinder it corresponds to. This will greatly simplify the situation when several tags are torn off at the same time.

Sequence of Actions

Having selected cylinders with mixes you need according to the tags in the diving center, proceed to the procedure of check. Be sure to personally check each cylinder! Use an oxygen analyzer to check that the mixture in the cylinder and the record on the label match. Calculate the MOD for the given mixture and mark the value on the same tag with a marker.

Check with a using a pressure gauge at . Check cylinder pressure with a pressure gauge. When you have completed the test, mark the cylinder by writing your name on the tag and sign the dive center log for the mixture you took.

Do not neglect to personally check of the blends .. There is always the possibility of a mistake!
Although there are many different models available oxygen analyzersThe principle of operation is the same. Each analyzer has a liquid crystal display, an instrument graduation wheel and a tube with a sensing element (sensor).
After the device is turned on the display shows a random value of the amount of oxygen.

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