Mask care

The mask’s attachment strap must be adjusted for proper care. The strap should fit snug, but not tight. Make sure that the strap is securely locked in place with the clamping device after it has been adjusted.


There are three basic rules of care for all items equipment including masks:

1) rinse with fresh water after each use
2) keep out of direct sunlight
3) keep in a cool, dry place.

Rinsing with fresh with fresh water after each use removes dirt and prevents corrosion. After using your equipment in salt water, soak it for a few minutes in warm fresh water to prevent the formation of destructive salt crystals.

Since the sun’s rays can damage neoprene or silicone products, do not leave your equipment in direct sunlight. Dry your equipment thoroughly before storing it.
Also, masks and other equipment made of silicone, should not be stored near black rubber products to prevent staining the silicone.

Breathing tube

Purpose – A snorkel is a standard piece of diving equipment that allows you to breathe at the surface without raising your head above the water.

Divers use snorkels while swimming or resting on the surface to conserve air in cylinders.

Snorkels differ in a number of features


Breathing tubes used in scuba diving are capable of providing easy, unobstructed breathing. The diameter, length and shape of the tube determine breathing comfort.

A good snorkel should have the following features:

Large diameter.
Length should not exceed 420 mm.
The tube design should have smooth rounded corners. Avoid tubes with angular curves.

The most popular modern tubes fit snugly around the contour of the head to minimize braking when swimming. Many tubes are equipped with an extra drainage device. It is popular because it allows you to release water from the tube with minimal effort.

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