How to take a basic diving course if you are a very busy person?

If the usual schedule of lectures and pool classes is not good enough for you, “Diving Live” offers you to study diving course on a personalized schedule – VIP-training.

Theoretical and practical training times are chosen personally based on your potential and so is the pace of training. The class schedule can be coordinated even by phone.

Theory at any time on any day. As a rule, the lectures are held at the club, but if there is a need, the instructor can come to you! A total of 4 lectures, and at the end of the written exam.

If your workload does not allow you to attend all of the lectures, some of the lecture course can be studied independently.
Practice – on weekdays in the evenings or on weekends in the pool (5 lessons).

4 dives in open water – a whole year in the warm seas!!!

Also the following offer from “Diving Live” :

Basic VIP – includes exclusively lectures and training in the pool on a personalized schedule, for a time period of a week to a month. In total you get a Refferal Card.

This type of course is designed for busy people, with big ambitions and a desire to live their life in an interesting, colorful and creative way!

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