How to Start Scuba Diving

To learn scuba diving and start scuba diving in the seas and oceans, you need to read the initial diving course and buy a scuba diving certificate. It’s not as difficult as it seems at first glance!

You can try diving in the pool at our “Diving Live” every weekend by registering on the phone beforehand. And to finish your learning to diving possible according to a plan convenient for you in the pools of Moscow in the time required by you.

The 1st stage of training – to finish theoretical course and schedule training in the pools on a suitable for you plan for 1-5 weeks. At the end of this stage of training you can get a Refferal Card.

The 2nd step of the course is to complete the on-the-water course.

All in all you will get an international OWD PADI certificate which will allow you to dive in any dive center in the world! The time you’ve wasted will be more than paid off, because just imagine the range of possibilities and pleasures this certificate will give you.

Plus you’ll meet lots of great people during the class, and maybe you’ll find someone to keep you company!

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