How to choose spearfishing equipment

How to choose spearfishing equipment

If you are ready to choose equipment, this article should provide useful information. To protect the body of the diver in the first place in importance is a wetsuit. Even in warm weather, in the summer months, diving in seemingly warm water for a few hours we freeze. This is because the temperature of the water is much lower than our own body temperature.

Freezing as we all know is fraught with consequences such as hypothermia and colds. So in order to stay warm, we use a wetsuit. This is all equipment for spearfishing.

spearfishing equipment
Types of wetsuits:

Wet type;
Dry type.

The wet type is very common now. Such suits differ from each other in terms of thickness. Wetsuits are 3 mm thick (designed for use on warm seas), 5mm thick (can be used in summer and early fall), 7 mm thick (in such suits swim until late fall), 9 mm and more.

To insulate the feet, there are socks and hydro boots. They differ in that the boots have a sole (for walking on the shore), and socks are not as comfortable for walking, but they are a little warmer. With socks you can also wear fins with a closed heel.


Types of gloves:

five-fingered gloves;
Three-fingered gloves.

Five-fingered gloves Used in warmer times, in warm water. Additional insulation: a special helmet worn over or under the regular helmet. Neoprene T-shirt and shorts.


Necessary equipment – Mask
Masks come with a transparent silicone and black. For spearfishing suit only mask of black silicone! The characteristic feature of this mask is that the black silicone does not let the sun’s rays through. There will be no glare while swimming underwater.

Equipment for spearfishing
Underwater masks are divided into mono glass, i.e. consisting of one glass, double glass, etc. It all depends on the choice of model. The glass of the mask must necessarily be tempered. If such glass breaks, nothing will hurt your eyes.
In terms of material, a good mask must be made of silicone.

Silicone mask, as equipment for spearfishing, does not have any specific smell. Still check the mask on the silicone can be a lighter on it, from real silicone should not be any smoke.

There are also masks with a valve without. During spearfishing, hunters must often blow, for this purpose, masks are made soft, rubber spout.

Flippers are recommended to take up to 1 meter with a closed heel. It is not recommended to take fins with straps, because. In these flippers the leg is not fixed enough.

The weight belt completes our suit. It is needed to create additional load, which will allow to dive without problems. The buckle of such a belt should be quick release! The base of the weight belt should be made of thick rubber. The tube can buy the most common, its cost will be about 500-900 rubles.


Speargun for underwater hunting: types


A crossbow is a gun for underwater hunting of rubber combat. Such a gun pushes the harpoon through the compression of pre-stretched rubber ties. The design is very reliable and simple. The barrel of the crossbow can be made of different materials, such as: aluminum, carbon, fiberglass and wood.

The main parameter of an air rifle is the length. The length will also affect the power. The longer the gun, the more power it will have. The flashlight completes our equipment, a spearfisherman’s knife. and a buoy. The lantern should naturally be waterproof (price from 1000 rubles). Being on a body of water, the hunter must necessarily indicate his presence. For this purpose we need a buoy. The design and model may be different, depending on your preferences.


How to choose equipment for underwater hunting

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