How to choose a wetsuit for underwater hunting

How to choose a wetsuit for underwater hunting

Wetsuit has become an indispensable thing for divers. It protects, keeps warm, saves from the external environment. Therefore, the choice of a wetsuit for underwater hunting should be taken very seriously.

The composition of the wetsuit

Wetsuit for scuba diving To begin with, pay attention to the material from which the wetsuit is made. Mostly used is neoprene, which is elastic and waterproof materialThe thickness of the material is from 3 to 10 mm.

The thicker the material, the longer the suit will last. Thicker material is often used when making suits for longer periods of time under water. Also look at the quality of the seams.

The best stitching is blind, when the material is not only stitched, but also glued.

When choosing a wetsuit you should also be guided by its appearance. There is a shortened version of the clothes and full-length. In the first case, a person will be more mobile, and in the second – more protected.

There are wet and dry suits. Wet suits are those that at first let a small amount of water inside, but it quickly heats up from the heat of the body and plays the role of an insulator. Dry suits are used for long and difficult dives. Water does not penetrate them at all.

If more recently for diving used the most basic wetsuits, but now the suit for diving under the water has become an indispensable and truly advanced thing.

The main thing is not to err in choosing among all the variety. After all, the quality of the wetsuit often depends not only on the health, but the diver’s life. That’s why professionals often stick to the idea that you can’t save money on equipment. Well, everyone knows that diving is not a cheap pleasure.

A wetsuit for spearfishing is the most important element of the spearfisher’s equipment. First of all, because it prevents people from freezing in the depths of the sea.

Choice of wetsuit


But it is possible to be overcooled even in summer if the dive is below the thermocline zone. In addition, the wetsuit protects the diver from the effects of the environment on the body – from cuts, bites, scratches. The jacket with the emphasis on the chest for charging crossbow, sleeves and helmet. Underneath are pants with straps.

Choosing a wetsuit for spearfishing All suits are made of neoprene (foam rubber, which retains heat). When choosing a suit pay attention to what material is used. If it is neoprene, it is on its fit and recovery after a dive.


How to choose the right wetsuit

When choosing a wetsuit, you should know the conditions in which the hunt will take place (water and air temperature). If it is summer, then a suit of 3-5mm thickness will do.

Requirements to the quality of neoprene in this case are not high. If you hunt in cold seasons, the quality of neoprene must be high and the thickness should be 7-9mm.

If hunting is planned for winter, the best choice is a wetsuit of 10mm thickness. It is more durable, better warmth and excellent slip in the water. At the same time it is necessary choose smooth suit, without fabric inserts. Water runs off from it faster, so there is no danger of getting frostbite.

For a longer stay in the water or for underwater hunting better suit wetsuit “wet” type.

Its advantage – buoyancy during the entire dive. Wet suitwet”suit will suit those who are not going to dive at temperatures below 12 degrees.

Choosing a Wetsuit for Scuba Hunting When you get experience and a large knowledge base, then you can opt for a “dry” suit, which, incidentally, is several times more expensive. And before using such a wetsuit must undergo special training.

Basic tips

Underwater hunter wetsuit better measure. But if your parameters fit into the standard size table, then you can buy a wetsuit blind.

If you have an athletic figure, you will fit any brand of suits. If you have a tummy, then you should opt for suits by Sargan.

When buying a suit, pay attention to how the sleeves are stitched, whether there are protective straps on the elbows and knees.

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