How to choose a dry diving suit

How to choose a dry diving suit

A quality wetsuit is very important for diving. After all, it depends on him health and sometimes life of the swimmer. Tasks wetsuit – to reduce the impact of the aquatic environment on the diver’s body, to protect him from injury, not to freeze.


Wetsuits are divided into dry, semi-dry and wet. Each has its own purpose. In this material we will focus on the dry wetsuit.


Advantages and disadvantages

Dry suits are used when diving in cold water (from 12 degrees) and when diving to medium to great depths. It is usually used in the fall and winter period.

The purpose of the dry suit is to insulate the swimmer from contact with water.

A distinction is made between fully insulating suits and suits with open face and arms. For amateurs the last option will do, but professional divers will choose the first one.

There are different varieties of dry suits. One of the most popular is “membrane”. Its main advantage – lightness and resistance to ozone.But there is a drawback – poor elasticity.



Dry Suits for Diving

What to pay attention to

When choosing a suit for diving you should pay attention to how far the button of the valve protrudes over the body.

If it can be touched by accidental contact, unwanted blow-up of the wetsuit is not excluded. Pay attention also to the presence of an etching valve to remove excess air. Do not forget to examine the zipper of the wetsuit. It is important to check the neck brace and the cuffs.

When using a dry wetsuit, you should wear insulating underwear. It comes in the form of coveralls. Socks and caps are made of the same material.

The most popular are jumpsuits made of tinsulate. But the disadvantage of this material is that for every 15 cycles of wetting and drying it loses about 10% of its thermal insulating properties. Therefore, heat-insulating underwear lasts much less than a wetsuit.

Woman in a dry suit

Where to buy a dry diving suit

Any wetsuit should preferably buy in specialized stores and take the goods should be known companies. Buying a brand thing, you buy security. Because no major company will not risk their image and will not make poor quality products for diving.

You can try to make a dry wetsuit to order. Shopping in online stores is not excluded. But this option is suitable for those who have a figure fits a standard table of parameters.

Find your wetsuit and then diving will bring only pleasure.


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