How not to get lost underwater?

Lost your car in a huge parking lot outside a hypermarket? Everything is in your hands. Lost underwater in the open sea or ocean? No problem, we can help you.

It’s easy to find your car in the parking lot, but the problem is that you’re completely disoriented as soon as you put your head underwater. Why? One of these reasons: Underwater landmarks are less familiar to you. Of course, you will remember that black BMW two rows to the right of your yellow Lamborghini.

The second possible reason is the methods taught to you in diving courses and where the whole lecture topic begins and ends with a magnetic compass. The skill of following a rectangular path and returning back to the dive point has almost nothing to do with what you should do if you do get lost under the water column.

No doubt, a compass is a very valuable device, but usually you don’t need to stare at it to find your way to a given target.

According to our practice of many years the main reason for the loss of divers – herd mentality and unquestioning adherence to the leader of the group during the dive, as is traditional at all diving resorts.

A diver’s main helpers under water are visual memory and observation.

It is highly recommended that you follow our recommendations:

Draw a mental map of your dive area.
Plan your route underwater
Stop and think before moving forward
Follow the chain of underwater landmarks

Use extra dive accessories to stay aware of your surroundings:

Ultrasonic locator
GPS navigator
Digital compass
Magnetic compass

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