How much does a scuba tank cost

The aqualung allows a person to breathe underwater. Without it, you can also be in the sea abyss, but it is not as long and interesting. That is why most divers dive with this device.

Only those systems that provide underwater breathing that have been manufactured by Aqua lung can be called a scuba diver. Everything else is a SCUBA (from the English “containing breathing apparatus”).

How much does it cost to buy a scuba tank? The necessary equipment

Set of diving equipment consists of a cylinder with a reserve of air (or gas mixture), gas reducer, pressure gauge, buoyancy compensator. Sometimes the set includes two cylinders, which are attached to the diver’s back. The size of the cylinders depends on the amount of air supply and how long it lasts. Usually it is 5, 7, 10, 12, 15 or 18 liters.

The most popular is the 12 liter. The shape is usually cylindrical. Materials of manufacture – chromium-molybdenum steel and aluminum alloy. They make the cylinder strong and resistant to corrosion. If the cylinder is filled with a gas mixture, it is marked.

The most important part of a scuba tank – the gas reducer. It reduces the pressure in the cylinder to ambient pressure. When breathing in, the diaphragm lets the breathing mixture into the lungs. When the inhalation is complete, the flap shuts off the mixture from the system.

The reducer should have an alternate air source to share air with a partner in an emergency.

Another important component of a scuba tank is the pressure gauge, which monitors tank pressure. Thanks to this device the scuba diver always knows exactly how long he can stay underwater.

How much does it cost to buy a scuba tank?

If the pressure has dropped from 200 atmospheres to 50 – it is time to rise to the surface, because the consumption of the reserve breathing mixture already begins.

An aqualung cannot be without a buoyancy compensator – an inflatable vest with straps for fixing the cylinder.

How much does an assembled scuba tank cost

The cost of a scuba tank depends on many factors, such as size, design, popularity of the store and so on. But on average, the price of a chrome moly steel scuba will be between $280 and $450. It can be bought cheaper, but is it worth it? Remember, the diver’s health and life depend on the performance of the scuba.

Important! Never dive alone and always carry a backup device that will ensure breathing underwater.

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