Full-face mask for diving

Full-face mask for diving

Probably not such a person involved in scuba diving, which, not interested in all the nuances, from the suit to the use in the diving mask, in particular a lot of questions arise around this type of equipment as a full-face mask for diving.

Anyone who hasn’t tried it will always want to try it out. But if you still want to know more about them, and not just try it once in your dives, then you are on the right track, and you should read this article to the end. Because only in it you can find the answer to the important question, why do you need it, do you need it at all and so on, why only dive with it.

Full-face mask for diving
Of course, it is better of course to try it on yourself, to feel the comfort and benefits than to read and listen to advice. First of all, the full face mask combined everything. It is both comfort, and safety of swimming and even adventure, well, for example, allowed to appear the possibility of photographing in the depths of the sea or at the bottom of the lake surrounded by aquatic creatures.

First of all, it should be noted that the full face diving mask is only part of diving equipment, but despite this, it performs almost the main role in the whole suit, starting from shoes and finishing with the same mask.

Professional divers prefer to use only this kind of mask while diving because they can fully protect themselves while underwater and during emergencies. Fortunately today anyone can use a full face mask in scuba diving, its design and price has made the full face diving mask available to all divers without exception.


A scuba diving mask is not uncommon today and can be freely purchased.
In general, you are interested in a full-face mask for diving, but there was a difficulty, how and where to buy it, then you should do the following.

Find the right information on their own and study. Make it possible by stopping to read this article, where you can find answers to all your questions. So why is it better to use a full face mask while diving?

Choosing a full face mask
There are several reasons why you need a scuba diving mask and these are:

Visibility. Increased visibility, whether or not it interferes with being underwater. It should be noted here that it is very convenient, because in the field of vision falls much larger radius; Communication. Its use, is beneficial only for communication. And that’s right, being in it, underwater you can not only breathe naturally, but also communicate with other drivers, which was not possible to do before. And note this is very convenient. It should also be noted that the communication device is an additional device it is possible to use as well as stay in silence; Safety. This also applies to body heat, due to the full coverage, which allows you to be under water for a longer time without fear of getting sick; Comfort. Indeed, the comfort provided by the mask is that now there is no need to keep the regulator in your mouth, which means that there is no place for fatigue. It’s now possible to swim and enjoy; Specialization. By design, the mask is easy to use and can be used by anyone, even an inexperienced diver; Versatility. This type of diving equipment can be used by both professionals and beginners, that is, amateurs; Accessories. What are they? First of all, note, this is special equipment, with the help of which diving becomes not only possible, but also more comfortable and easier.


Full face mask for diving yellow
Mask for underwater hunting and accessories to it:

air cylinder;


In general, a full face mask is an excellent diving device that differs from other types:

A clamping band whose function is to hold the edge of the skirt to prevent it from shifting;
The body is made of polycarbonate and porthole, which allows it to be resistant to damage in the form of scratches and gouges;
Built-in system responsible for blowing out the ears;
Air adjustment valve;
Multiple sizes, small and medium, which fits any face type.

And in conclusion, it should be noted that, whoever dared and still dived underwater, wearing a full-face mask, will never give up using it in scuba diving again.



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