For diving will need… oil.

For diving will need... oil.

The popularity of such an extreme form of entertainment as diving is increasing every year. More and more people spend their vacations on the coasts, diving into the depths of the sea every day with a scuba diver.


Diving oil

Diving – and the search for treasure from sunken ships, and the opportunity to study the flora and fauna of the sea.

Besides it is very interesting and exciting, because in fact you are diving into another universe with very different rules and laws.

For diving you need a very high quality and proven equipment – scuba, wetsuit, mask, flippers And many other accessories. No less important are shore equipment, especially high-quality compressors that inflate the cylinders with air or mixture of gases, and compressor oil.


Why is there oil in a compressor?

It is a device that compresses air or other gas and pumps it into a specific vessel. In diving, this vessel is a scuba tank.

In order to compressor The compressor must be lubricated and cooled in order to run smoothly and efficiently. It is

compressor oil 2

lubrication is the most important function of compressor oil. In addition, the consumable cools the parts and seals the air compression chamber.


The oil used in reciprocating compressors is subject to very strict rules. After all, it is in direct contact with compressed air in the mechanism and therefore must be completely safe.


In addition, gas is heated during compression, which means that the oil must not foul the parts of the equipment. Such deposits can cause damage to the mechanism.

At the moment on the market there is a huge choice of different compressor oils, but experts recommend: for trouble-free operation of the device to use only those consumables that the manufacturer recommended.

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