Flippers for underwater hunting

Flippers for underwater hunting

How to choose flippers for underwater hunting? The flippers are the most important element of the spearfisher, because you have to overcome long distances during the hunt. That is why the flippers should be of the highest quality and reliability.

Blowfish for spearfishing

The fins inherently replicate the natural mechanism that helps to adapt to the aquatic environment. They help to swim by performing maneuvers in the water.

The right fins provide the underwater hunter with comfort, convenience and efficiency. To choose the model that is right for us, we need to think carefully about the task at hand.

Carbon fins for underwater hunting are high in durability and reliability.


Underwater hunting fins are divided into several categories:

Training fins;
For the pool;
For the beach;
For diving;
For freediving.;
For spearfishing;
For professional use.


It is recommended to take fins up to 1 meter long, with closed heel. Avoid strapped fins as they do not hold firmly enough, making your foot tired and therefore the paddling becomes less effective. Also these straps can get caught in brushwood and protruding snags, giving the hunter a lot of trouble.

If you swim with thick wetsuit (9 or 10) you have to hang a lot of weights, so a lot of effort in paddling to get yourself off the bottom or just to move under the water is of great importance.
When paddling in long fins, the spearfisher makes less movement, this allows less muddy water behind him and does not scare the fish away.

The fin itself consists of elements such as the gimp and blade. Flippers can be made of rubber or of component materials. When selecting fins you should take into account the thickness of the sock. If you are buying fins for the first time, it is recommended to take a sock (5 or 7 mm). It will not be too hot in these fins and you will be comfortable. But if they are taken with bare foot you will not be able to hunt in autumn as it will be too cold and you will have to change the size.

The next element of flippers for spearfishing is a blade. They differ in rigidity and material (plastic, fiberglass, sandwich carbon and pure carbon). With carbon and fiberglass inserts, the spearfisher spends less effort paddling with his foot. Plastic changes its properties in cold or warm water. In cold water it tends to blunt.

Flippers for spearfishing
There are fins with interchangeable blades. They are easy to change blades. They are mounted on the usual screws. The blades differ in color and properties. The gray blades are softer and the black ones are harder. For people weighing 75 kg the grey blade is the best option, those who weigh over 80 kg take the rigid one.

Among the many flippers, it is worth paying attention to comfort. Focus on how your foot feels in the fin. Carbon fins for spearfishing are used for maximum exertion.


For those who are new to spearfishing, and for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, it is recommended to buy the fins brand ” Seac Sub Shout”. If you find that underwater hunting is not for you, they can always be just to swim in the sea.


Flippers for underwater hunting in the winter

These fins must be made of thermal rubber. For winter hunting the Winter blade is preferable, do not use a carbon blade. In the cold the carbon will become more vulnerable to hitting the bottom and other surfaces. The best choice for for winter hunting The best choice for winter hunting are polymer fins such as the OMER Stingray, OMER Stingray Short and the new OMER Eagleray.

When choosing, be sure to base your choice on your parameters such as weight, height, etc. Consult a retailer or your or your spearfishing instructorso that you will not throw the fins in the far corner and you will not regret the money you threw away in the future. The carbon fins are a great option for spearfishing, whether you are a beginner or a professional!



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