Diving Tours in Bali

Diving Tours in Bali

If you have decided to visit the Indonesian islands, then we recommend you to pay your attention to tours to Bali.

What attracts such a huge number of tourists? First of all it is an amazing nature, almost untouched by man. Here you will find stunning landscapes, amazing jungle, huge volcanoes, temples of ancient civilizations, well-preserved to this day and the amazing beauty of the beaches.

All these charms relatively recently opened to our compatriots, after which the density of our fellow citizens in this country began to slowly grow.Bali tours


If you want to buy tours For diving in BaliThe first thing to decide is the purpose of the trip, because different areas offer their own, unique opportunities for recreation.

Kuta – the main center parties in the country. Here at any time there is a place to party, no matter what is in the sky, sun or moon. Huge clubs with loud music, big bars and dazzling lights are waiting for you. Especially attractive here is the fact that local prices are quite democratic, which pleases young people who can not boast a lot of money. In addition, visitors from around the globe come here lovers of riding the wave, because there are all the necessary conditions for it conditions.
Seminyak – if you are looking for a luxurious vacation, this is the place. This place is considered a “respectable and glamorous capital”, as here in the European expensive and elegant.
Sanura – If you want a tour to Bali for the whole family, then head here. As this place is quiet and peaceful, which will be appreciated by parents with children and the elderly.
Changu – for those who want to live on a quiet island, right on the beach. Especially attracts tourists to stay in a unique house on stilts, which are located above the water. Lie on the bed and hear the quiet sea breeze under the floor is very relaxing.
Bukit is a place for shopping lovers. Numerous bazaars with unique products can confuse even the most avid shopaholic.

As for the local beaches, for which people need a tour to Bali, they can be Bali is a paradise on earth, as they are incredibly beautiful. However, not all of them are suitable for swimming and diving. The reason for this is the strong tides.

We advise to visit the northern shore, where you will find volcanic black sand, which is much softer and nicer to the touch than the usual.

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