Diving safari

A Diving Safari is an unforgettable boat cruise with a rich and interesting dive program that reveals the underwater world of the area in question more colorfully.

We at Diving Live will be pleased to provide you with this type of diving. The boat on which the event is held is equipped with a number of necessary diving equipment, the boat rule is always attended by one or more divemasters, well-informed about the diving conditions, and a set of dive sites most interesting for diving.

In some cases, you intend to travel and choose between staying in a hotel, the preference depends on your diving experience and the diving situations in your chosen country in the current season.

Compared with a coastal trip the dive schedule on safari is much more colorful and the variety of areas and the number of dives.

Sometimes on a trip the choice of diving sites is extremely limited – in fact, the evening before twilight you have to go back to the hotel. There are zones that are so far from the shore that it is impossible to get to them in one day crossing. You have to remember precautions. On a diving safari there is a chance to dive in the more fascinating places placed away from the shore.

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