Diving cylinder fixing systems

Diving cylinder fixing systems

Scuba cylinders are heavy, unstable in the vertical position, and tend to roll when placed horizontally. Always secure cylinders that are in the horizontal position by securing them with a fastener to prevent them from rolling over.

If a cylinder falls or rolls, not only can it be damaged valvebut also other objects or even people. Always keep cylinders secured and never leave them in an upright position unattended. If cylinders must be placed in an upright position, they must be secured to prevent them from falling. When transporting cylinders, lay them horizontally and secure or tie them down.


Cylinder Mounting Systems (Backrests)

The backrest is designed to securely and comfortably fasten the cylinder behind the diver’s back. This is usually accomplished with a cylinder retention frame, shoulder straps and waist strap. Backs are available in a variety of configurations, but most modern cylinder mounting system panels are built into vest-type BCDs or rear-facing BCDs.

Since most balloon mount panels are an integral part of the BCD, the material they are made from must match the BCD design, so you choose the backrest at the same time as the BCD.



The regulator is designed to lower the high pressure air The regulator is designed to lower the high air pressure of the cylinder to a pressure suitable for breathing. It supplies air to the diver only when breathing in.

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