Crossbow for underwater hunting

Crossbow for underwater hunting

The process spearfishing Is very exciting and it wants to return to him again and again. An effective tool for its implementation is a special crossbow for underwater hunting. This type of weapon must have high quality characteristics and be safe for human life.

crossbow for underwater hunting


Underwater guns of this type are used exclusively in at sea with optimal visibility provided. The distance of the shot from this gun is usually calculated on the basis of its length.

Crossbow for underwater hunting
What are the advantages of such underwater weapons?

This equipment is characterized by such advantages as:
– low recoil in the process of making the shot, and as a result, the accuracy of the sight and direct hit in the target;
– Simplified and reliable design of the product;
– moderate price parameters for purchase;
– no need for additional elements and materials;
– silence of the shot.


It is also noteworthy that the design of an underwater crossbow is absolutely the same as its land-based counterpart. The accuracy of shots of this device allows to hunt for small fish species that have high speed of movement.

At sea, you can choose one of several tactics for hunting, using a crossbow for underwater hunting:

Open sea hunting, which involves long guns for longer range shots;
Active hunting, conducted in ambush mode with a shorter gun for direct close shots;
In the process of hunting in reef areas.areas, the guns may be even smaller because the distance of the shot is also minimal.

How do I make an underwater crossbow with my own hands?

Almost all spearfishing enthusiasts do not do without special equipment. In this sense, if you do not have enough money to buy a ready-made gun, you can make a homemade crossbow for underwater hunting. It will be much more economical and the quality of the process of hunting will not suffer, and sometimes, on the contrary, will improve.

So, what do we need to create our own underwater weapon?
Here, you can use a stainless rod with a diameter not exceeding 8 millimeters for a harpoon. Still need: a piece of wire (diameter – 2 mm), for the barrel – aluminum tube, spring, which is exposed to heat treatment and a pair of plates of oak or beech wood, which will be needed for the handle.

Crossbow for underwater hunting yellow
To properly make a homemade crossbow you must:

Make threaded holes in the tube on both sides;
Cut a slot under the whisper and stick to the length of 160 millimeters;
We prepare a plug and make a hole in it for the future harpoon;
We clamp the two plates of wood and make a hole in them for the subsequent introduction of the barrel;
cut out the necessary place for the handle and leave 4 millimeters for the trigger;
connect the barrel with the parts of the handle and fasten them with screws;
we make a harpoon from the prepared rod and fix a line on it;
we fasten the harpoon to the product and it is ready.

It should also be noted that from the convenience of the holder and its easy removal will provide greater accuracy in hitting the target.

Not always self-made can boast of good aerodynamics and, as a consequence, the hunter fails to make the expected shot. The purchase of special tips will be appropriate here. Good luck hunting.

Underwater crossbow, video

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