Choice of equipment and suit

You decided to go scuba diving? Good choice. Now you need to buy or rent equipment.
But how to choose what you really need from a huge variety of different equipment. To begin with you need a wetsuit. Note that it comes in two types: wet and dry.

The wet suit is designed for warm water. When buying it do not take a cat in a poke – be sure to measure it on yourself. The suit must fit tightly, without forming cavities anywhere, otherwise during immersion they will accumulate water will accumulate during your dive ..

Dry suit should be chosen if you plan to dive in cold waters, for example in the fall or winter in a temperate zone. A dry suit, unlike a wet suit, must form a small space between yourself and your body. This is necessary in order to use insulating clothing: a special “undergarment” or, in a pinch, an ordinary sweater and pants.

It is best to go to the store with their underwear, which is planned to swim, and with her to measure the wetsuit.
Another important component equipment Mask, which should fit tightly to the face, not forming gaps.

There are a large number of modifications that differ in different parameters, such as the number of glasses, manufacturing material, etc. As a rule, the more expensive the mask, the higher its quality.

Buying maskWhen purchasing a mask put it on and breathe in air gently: if the mask is pressed to the face then it is suitable for you. But still try several masks instead of just one, then you can choose the one that is optimal for you.

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