Buddy diving

Buddy diving

Buddy diving is a dive in pairs. Usually, the partner takes the person whom you fully trust and do not doubt his professionalism. In its essence, this is a classic type of diving. This is how scuba divers dived in the early days of scuba diving.

Buddy Diving

Diving is a dangerous sport and entertainment. Therefore, the faithful shoulder of a friend comes in handy here as nowhere else. It is important that at the depth between partners reigns mutual understanding.

Buddy Diving For this purpose, a special language was invented many years ago. With its help, divers can exchange information and communicate with each other. And if disaster strikes, they can communicate about it.

It consists of several gestures. For example, the main gesture is “OK”, which means that all is well. The thumb is down to indicate a dive, up to indicate an ascent. It is possible to communicate with the flashlight signals. There are separate signals for the underwater torso.


Paired Dive Techniques

The purpose of a paired dive is to prevent danger, share the air supplyto provide first aid. Before diving partners should study the route and agree on all the nuances.

The next step is to check the equipment. Before diving partners stand facing each other and make sure that:

The partner’s snorkel is secured, the buoyancy compensator is adjusted and working;
the belt with the load is fastened. And in case of an abnormal situation it can be quickly dropped;
There will be no problem with the air supply;
The kit of equipment full, all straps and hoses are in order.

If the partners dive from the shore, you must enter the water together. And with their backs to the water. It is desirable to hold hands.


Buddy Diving Club in Novosibirsk

“BADDY DIVING is a 5-star diving club in Novosibirsk, the motto of which is “Dive with pleasure! The center has been operating for about seven years. During this time, more than a thousand people have been trained in the club. About 150 diving trips to other countries were organized by the club members.

Divers of the center spent almost 15 thousand hours underwater. And recently BADDY-DIVING has officially become a diving center of National Geographic. In Siberia, this is still the only center with this status.

The dive center conducts training according to the PADI system. Training proceeds step by step from simple to complex. Here you can get different levels of knowledge and eventually become an amateur or professional instructor. In addition, the dive center has many specializations. So you are sure to find your calling.


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