Assembling a Dive Kit

Assembling a Dive Kit

Before you try to breathe underwater for the first time, you must assemble your dive kit, including the cylinder, backrest and regulator.

Assemble your equipment very carefully and remember that underwater it keeps you alive. It is assumed that you have already chosen and bought what you need.

Attaching the backrest to the cylinder – Whether the backrest is integrated in the buoyancy compensator or not, the procedure for attaching it to the cylinder is basically the same.

Please follow the procedure below

Put on The backrest should be slid from the top down on the cylinder.
Before attaching the backrest to the cylinder, orient it so that the cylinder vent hole faces the side of the backrest.
Secure the backrest to the cylinder with the backrest strap and lock. Locks come in different types, so ask your instructor to show you how your cylinder backstrap lock works.
Before you install it, check to make sure it is firmly attached to the cylinder. To do this, lift the cylinder fifty centimeters above the ground, holding the backrest panel by the top edge. Gently shake the cylinder. If you notice some movement, tighten the strap on the cylinder more.

The cylinder valve hole may be covered with a piece of insulating plastic plug. If this is the case, remove them (after removing the insulating tape, discard it in an appropriate waste container – please don’t litter).


Further action

Check the cylinder valve opening. It should be surrounded by a rubber O-ring. Make sure the O-ring is properly seated. It must be clean and free of cuts and burrs. If a new ring is needed, ask your instructor.

Slowly open the cylinder valve – just for a moment to remove any water droplets or dirt from the hole. Tighten the first stage screw with your fingers, not too hard.

If you are using a BCD with a built-in backrest (rear-mounted or vest-type), connect the appropriate hose from the regulator to the low-pressure inflator. Your instructor will show you how to do this correctly. If you are using a front-mounted BCD, connect this hose after you have already put on the BCD and the kit.

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